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The words of an artist can be a significant stimulus for dramatising his/her own work and sometimes the work might even become an illustration of those words.

In this work the borders between the crafted object and the concept that lies behind it are stretched to such an extent they collapse into their own rhetoric. Different artists were invited to talk in turn about the same work in which two A4 pieces of paper move and animate their own voices.

Their interpretations of a pre-existing work added to its completion. The final work is two A4 papers being fixed to a table by two identical mugs, speaking itself inside out and outside in. The voices and words of artists Sean and Barry were recorded and animated, speaking about the animation itself. 

Presented at Petra Rinck Gallery, Dusseldorf and Ein Harod Museum of Art.

Related tex:  Onomatopoeia Guybaramotz by Noam Segal. 

A4 papers, building block, ceramic tea mugs, plastic jars, sound equipment, robot technology. 

Voice: Barry Reigate, Sean Dower and Steven Glaser.

Music: Shahin Afrassiabi.

Direction and edit: Guy Bar-Amotz.

Software design: Piers O'Hanlon.

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