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Stars scultur sound system at the Trad Apartment

Stars is a set of self-suspended, ceiling mounted geometrical sound sculptures that form a shape of a star.

The sound is vibrating from the metal surface of the sculpture and the plastic bucket. 

This installation is a creative arena as musicians are invited to play their music trough its unique form and with its dramatic dramatic qualities sound. Commission by the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, Supported by Le Monta Mepple.

Presented at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (Curator Jonathan Watkins), The Trade Apartment Curators FlatPack and Raymond Brinkman), London, W139, Amsterdam, Centre d'Art Contemporain (Curator Katya Garcia-Anton) , Geneva, Tal Ester Gallery (Curator Tali Cederbaum), Tel-Aviv, Project (Curator Graham Watson), Dublin, Saitama museum of Modern Art(Curators Itaru Hirano and Galia Bar-Or), Saitama.

Related Texts: "I am a chat room" by Raymund Brinkman, "NO & Guy Bar-Amotz". Catalogue by Catherine Wood, Guy Bar-Amotz by Martin Herbert, ART Forum.

Metal panels, metal chains, plastic buckets, loudspeakers, electronic and musical instrunments.

Musicians and collaborators: Ohad Fishof and NO, Fabienne Audeoud, Flat-Pack.

Photography: Lisa Chang.

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