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In this musical theatre installation the free spirit of this band’s experimental history of sound and society comes alive and mixes with contemporary installation art, sound systems, video and robot technology.


Exhibited and Performed at The White Heart, London, Rib, Rotterdam (Curator Maziar Afrassiabi), Petra Rink, Düsseldorf, Beit Uri & Rami Nehoshtan Museum,  Ashdot Ya'akov (Curator Smadar Keren).

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The scripted performance brings the music and philosophy of a legendary band whose fifty year old plus members are admired for their principles and uncompromising integrity. During the 30 minute programmed live show, Richard (Dick),

Peter (Shmockolovich) and Pini (Willie) play some of their music, new and old, giving reviews on contemporary pop, and try to explain general popular culture through their unique resistance creative methodology.


Sculptures, direction, mechanical-animation and lights: Guy Bar-Amotz.

Sound design: Peter Zwingli Hall.

Software design: Piers O'Hanlon.

Graphic Design / Typography: Raanan Gabriel.

Photography: Daniel Hanoch.

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