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Guy Bar-Amotz. Idan Garden, installation View at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem 2005

A mechanical installation turning a statue made by Miriam Schayowitz (my grandmother) into a sundial - using programmable ceiling lighting. The timing of the lights is changing in cognation with a model train that is moving through the objects underneath. 

​Exhibited at The Israel Museum 1995 (curator Sarit Shapira) and The Herzlia Museum for Contemporary Art 2008 (Curator Doron Rabina)

Related text: Grrr..., Ori Drummer, Studio Magazine 1995

Model train, electric funs, paper sculptures, found objects, model statue, screen prints on plastic and papers, video projections, b&w television, sound instruments, programmed lighting and electronic controller.

With original  contribution by: Ohad Fishof (circuit banded skull), Miriam Schayovich (Lot's wife statue).

In collaboration with Raanan Gabriel (Real Drill).

Video: David Mauas.

Photography: Robin Terry, Boaz nobelman

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