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Guy Bar-Amotz. White rocket sound sculpture

A self-suspended, ceiling mounted fibreglass interactive sound sculptures that plays Karaoke songs made with Elvis impersonator, artist, curator and art critic Andreas Schlaegel. On a They can follow the lyrics of the songs on a video display.


By tapping into the microphone the audience/participants can replace the leading singing voice with their own voice. On a They can follow the lyrics of the songs on a video display.


Exhibited at the Trade Apartment(Curator Raymond Brinkman and Flat Pack), London, Rijksakadenie, Amsterdam, A.P.T (Curator Barry Drabble), London, W&LT Fashion House Curator Narcisse Tordoir), Antwerp,  W139 (Curator Jean Bernard Keoman), Amsterdam, Ein Harod Museum of Art(Curators Schlaegel&Rosenberg), Ein Harod, Tal Ester Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Grizedale Arts Curators Flat Pack), Grizedale, Sungkok Museum (Curators Schlaegel&Rosenberg), Seoul.

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Fibreglass cast, plastic buckets, found objects, electronic and music equipment. 

Musician: Andreas Schlaegel.

Photography: Lisa Chand.

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