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Guy BAr-Amotz. Radious Robot mask

Automatism and freedom, participation in civil society, social sculpture - these concerns artist Guy Bar-Amotz brings to a new version of RUR - the 1920 play that invented the term “robot.”

Bar-Amotz has integrated his distinctive approach to art in a work with performers wearing mechanimated robot masks in an imaginative fusion of living sculpture, spatial sound, performance, son-et-lumiere stagecraft and interactive programming. The work is engaging, adaptive, site-specific, and Bar-Amotz is looking to collaborate with local partners to realise the artwork for audiences.

The theatre play Russom’s Universal Robots (Karel Capek, 1920) is set in a factory where synthetic humans are made on a global scale. The robots rebel against the factory overseers in a struggle with dire consequences.

The text coined the term “robot” and its narrative informed the futuristic cinema of Metropolis, Bladerunner, The Terminator, and The Matrix. Capek’s play remains relevant; directly addressing issues of synthetic humanoids, uneven power and global exploitation of employees.

Exhibited and Performed at Beit Uri & Rami Nehoshtan Museum,  Ashdot Ya'akov (Curator Smadar Keren), Re-Connect Art, The Prague Biennale (Curator Elis Unique and  Jitka Hlaváčková), JV2 Space, Ashford Kent.

Funded by Arts Council England and Supported by Jasmin Vardimon Company,  The Art Lane Foundation.

Related texts: The Revolting Robots Show by Smadar KerenR.U.R.Adaptation by Armando Rotondi, R. U. R. Rossum's Universal Robots by KAREL CAPEK.

Robot masks made of aluminium, silicone, wood, paper cache and electronics. Robot technology, programmed lighting, video mapping and multi-channel sound. 

A performance art project by Guy Bar-Amotz in collaboration with Based upon "R.U.R." by Karel Čapek Talking Robot Masks by Guy Bar-Amotz Adapted script by Armando Rotondi.

Performers : JV2 2021 (Ashford), Sinwah Lai, Jacqueline, Moré Viktória Pejková, Armando Rotondi, Lisa Sattler, Or Harary, Shir Gvirtz, Libby Mori, Dikla Rejzewski, Hagar Eshel.

Choreographers: Vinicius Salles, Vova Zak.


Recorded voices: Guy Bar-Amotz, Sophia Hussain, Martin Lewton.

Software design: Piers O'Hanlon.

Graphic Design / Typography: Raanan Gabriel.

Music: Graham Silbiger.  

Video: Steve Connolly & Orhan Demirovski

Directed by Guy Bar-Amotz and Armando Rotondi.

Photography: Julian Dyson, Daniel Hanoch.

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