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bUSkiNG bANd

The New Transport Busking Band is a sculptural PA system for performers who were invited to play at Piccadilly line stations on the London Underground as part of the Transport for London's Platform for Art programme. It was later presented as an art installation accompanied with video footage from the live performances.

The sculptures had a contemporary gothic quality. Busts of legendary musicians peered from each speaker, accompanying the performers in spirit.

The musicians chosen to be immortalised were all 20th Century Americans. John Fahey was an acclaimed guitar player and a wizard of the Bluegrass style, Thelonious Monk was a Jazz legend and Bebop composer and Divine was a

successful Pop-Trash singer. They all died of illnesses that were in some way or another related to their lifestyles. Dead artists give power and legitimacy to the creation of a cult. Their death marks an end point that is fixed on a historical timeline. The viewer looks back on the sound system that looks forward, toward the future. The viewer is an observer standing outside of the historical place he/she is gazing upon. 

Presented at Thin Cities Art on The Underground, London 2006 (Curator Tamsin Dillon), Sitegalerie, Düsseldorf 2007 (Curator Petra Rinck), and the Markisches Museum, Witten 2010 (Curator Gregor Russ).

Acrylic cast, metal. loudspeakers an electronics.

Musicians: Sharon Gal, Alex Cameron, Violet Sometime, Fabienne Audeoud.

Producer: Chas de Swiet

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